I started singing at a young age, which annoyed everyone at school, all my reports said she won’t stop singing!

I dabbed in pub bands as a young woman, but was always inspired by Stevie Nicks, how strong she was and that she gave her life to music instead of becoming a wife and mother.

Something I always wanted to do was to sing Stevie Nicks songs on a big stage and here I am today doing what I truely love!

Dreams do come true!

I started playing guitar at 10 years old, purely as a way to get out of recorder lessons at school.  It has since become my life's passion and I own and run The Family Music Store in Paraparaumu.  

I grew up with the music of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks as my parents were fans.  I have continued to listen to them throughout my life, and it remains some of my all time favourite music.

I consider both Peter Green and Lyndsay Buckingham as Fleetwood Mac's most notable guitarists, and they are among my biggest influences.  I hope I do them justice!

Growing up, I played a variety of instruments in different groups, both here in New Zealand and overseas.  I first picked up a guitar at the age of three, and have trained as a classical pianist. 

I went to Sydney to pursue my musical dreams and came back to New Zealand a few years ago to raise a family and start a new music project here.

For this exciting new project, I will be playing the keyboard parts of Ricky Peterson and I look forward to bringing our showcase to a town near you.

Since the age of 13 bashing away in the garage, and much to my neighbours delight, I've been playing the drums.  I've loved music since I was young and have gone on to play numerous styles and genres in numerous bands.

I have been playing shows all over the country supporting touring and international bands, worked at music venues and worked as a roadie setting up shows and productions.  

I have played in a number of tribute acts including AC/DC, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, The Eagles, Faith No More, Lynyard Skynyrd and of course Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks.

The Son of a piano teacher, Greg found the guitar at the age of 12.  Musical influences were mainly from his old brother's record collection - Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Bowie, Clayton etc.  Then at college he fronted his own band.  Writing and playing music was his passion and by his mid-twenties he was performing full-time.  With his band "The Actors" he supported U2 for their "Under a Blood Red Sky" tour show in the Wellington Show buildings.

In more recent years Greg has performed as a Soloist and also in various local bands.  His most recent project has been the Tom Petty celebration band, "Free Falling".  Greg brings the special guest Tom petty to life with his characteristic vocal and guitar playing.

I started playing bass seven years ago for a three piece pub band playing classic rock in every outback pub, hall and truck trailer in the South Island.  

I am currently studying music at UCOL for further my music theory.  I was lucky enough to walk into a salon where I met Rachel and we talked music.  Little did I know how good Rachel's voice was.  After I offered to be her roadie, driver and stylist, I watched in awe as she performed, and I now get to play in her band.

I have loved every minute of learning these new songs I grew up listening to.  We have a big future together and through music we go forward.

My names is Olivia  and singing has always been my most favourite thing to do.

I spent my 20's as a backing vocalist for New Zealand's Pink Floyd Experience and loved every minute of it.

In my 30's I had four beautiful children, and now as I am about to turn 40, it is exciting to be given the opportunity to sing for the Gold Dust Woman Stevie Nick's Showcase.  I can't wait! 

Lynley Christoffersen has worked as a vocalist for over 30 years, touring nationally and internationally. She once built and lived in a tree house.

She loves writing and playing guitar, and... she's a granny.

By night she becomes part of the Gold Dust Woman show.